Monday, October 11, 2010

oh HI cleanse!

so, as previously and somewhat embarassingly mentioned, I've been a stressbag as of late. I was in a vitamin store and saw a cleanse to reduce stress/cortisol, and thought "hell yes, that's for me", and bought it. fully intending to eat better while on it.

breakfast was right on track. then enter lunch.

let me say this: I don't dig the olive garden. it's expensive for what it is, there are virtually no grain-free options that don't involve salad (that I saw, anyway, but what do I expect from an italian place?), and the best thing is those goddamn breadsticks. anyway, pasta and breadsticks later, I rolled out of there feeling like I could nap for about a year. gross. I still took the cleanse supplements though.

anyway...hopefully day 2 will be more of a success.

ALSO...I saw alice in chains with the deftones and mastodon this past week. OUTSTANDING show. AIC's set in the spring was a bit better, though they played we die young this time, and I love that song. deftones stole the show. mastadon was face-meltingly awesome. overall, very much concerty goodness.

the next night, I saw the devin townsend project. all I can say is WOW. he's as amazing live as ever, makes the most crazy faces ever on stage, and has an incredible voice. the show was AMAZING. if you have the opportunity to see him, SEE HIM. beg, borrow, or steal.