Friday, March 25, 2011

sore. oh gawd, so sore.

so my yoga pass ran out, and I had to go for a week without class (and I keep getting distracted by everything so I haven't been doing home practice, SHAME ON ME). I took one of the advanced classes as soon as I could get back on the mat.

and it felt AWESOME.

I did everything, I balanced solidly in tree pose, I never skipped a single vinyasa, my downward dogs were never replaced by child's pose, upward dogs never replaced by cobra, chattarunga done chest first and all.

and now...WHOA, am I sore! this is day two of insane soreness. lifting my arms sucks! I didn't even go to class last night because of it. stupid muscle memory.

I have a burlesque show to go to tonight that I don't even want to go to now. between a (likely sugar induced) headache, upset stomach, and overall stress about a thuperfancy cake I need to make this weekend, I'm just not on board. oh well. maybe I can talk a sister or two into going to this place for burgers this weekend where they'll make your burger on lettuce instead of a bun. that's fun, right?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

random thoughts. na na... naa na naa na naa HEY! na na na na!

if you don't get that, you're either not canadian, not a hockey fan, or not a canadian hockey fan.

suckery: horsefaced, homely chicks who think they're hot. I'm just saying.

rulery: dudes who like to make out.

I'm still issue wrestling. I had a session with my therapist two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS, it feels like 2 months. anyway, we looked a bit at my tendency to push people away. horribly, it felt like just surface scratching, which = more work. I should look at my tendency to flounder, but I think that's a symptom not a thing in and of itself. who thinks too much? ME. that's who.

the best thing that's happened all weekend so far is the awesome flossing I just did. no, that's not a euphemism, I genuinely like flossing my teeth. pretty depressing, really. hah!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

sometimes when a yoga teacher says to be "as relaxed as humanly possible", my mind responds "I can only be that relaxed post-orgasm, and while this class is great, it's not THAT great."