Friday, September 3, 2010

the diners, drive-ins and dives drinking game!


TAKE ONE DRINK when guy fieri...

...refers to the show as "triple D" or any glib shortened version of its name

...points out food on his face

...diverts the owner's attention away so he can grab a bite of something

...says something is "off the hook" or "off the chain"

...uses the word "tender"

...speaks to slack jawed locals in said restaurant

...shows amazement at a piece of uncooked brisket, then another drink if he shows amazement at the same cooked one

...calls anyone "dude"

...talks with his mouth full

TAKE TWO DRINKS when guy...

...says "that's money"

...has trouble saying positive things about what he's just eaten

...refers to keeping his shirt clean clearly shown wearing flip flops

...sits at a table with restaurant regulars

...acts like he minds helping cook

...comments on a sauce "tightening up"


- if guy says "winner winner chicken dinner" or any form of it, or anything else that rhymes (eg. "moo moo buckaroo"), finish your drink.

- if guy gives the camera a look after tricking the owner of said dive into saying something dirty or making a dirty gesture, finish your drink.

- if guy is struggling to eat something and is bracing himself, finish your drink.

- when the term "flavour country" is used, finish your drink. if it's preceded by "driving/taking the bus to", finish your drink and take a sip out of the next one.


  1. Um, this is basically the funniest thing ever. The "that's money" and the flip-flops especially made me laugh. I secretly kind of like Guy, but he really is such a cartoon character.

  2. hahaha, thanks! :) I think everyone secretly likes guy. can't help it!

  3. Now that is the bomb! (bomb motion with hand)

  4. And now, just for grins, I spiked my hair just like Guy's!

  5. hahahaha, thanks guys! I'm going to try this game sometime in the next few weeks...