Wednesday, January 26, 2011



I'm computerless at the moment and blogging on an iphone pretty much sucks the bag. yet I have no problem texting at great length, I can't muster a blog post. I am disappoint.

also, not much news right now, I've been hermiting it up pretty good and trying to deal with some issues I've been ignoring for years, so that's always fun. and by always, I mean NEVER. like, enough already, stupid brain, stop. please. not every guy is going to be an unrepentant player manwhore like your brother (amazing his influence was stronger than my dad, who was a super loyal, super smart, really nice guy. oddly, the ones I like DO tend to be tall, dark haired, and blue eyed like my dad was. and super smart), most people tend to find you more attractive than you think you are (though I'll argue with them, smrt), and things WON'T always end in agony. see? issues. hell, I wouldn't date me right now either.

other than yoga, not much is new. so glad to be back to it, I missed it terribly, and its bodily effects are awesome.

anyhoo...what's news with you?


  1. Hi there - how nice to hear from you again!
    I am glad you are still around.

    I am doing fine with my diet, but the same thing
    with the people-thing-situation....
    except not so much the man-whore thing...
    Not so much.... per se....

    It sounds like you are pretty much right on target -
    with your analyzation... as usual. You always did have
    the ability to get right to the point of things. Love that!
    Glad you like the yoga. It seems fits your somewhat bohemian persona!

  2. thanks! :) I missed out on a week of it thanks to being ghastly sick. NO FUN.