Sunday, August 1, 2010

notes to people who will never read them.

- I wish I could forgive you. I have incredibly vivid dreams where we're talking and I forgive you and everything's great. then I wake up. and I remember what you pulled and the beyond-belief agony I suffered as a result, and I'm angry all over again. as if I didn't have enough trouble trusting people in the first place. you don't like to call it betrayal, but it absolutely was.

I guess our long-term friendship ended up being a lesson to me that karma can be a huge fucking joke.

btw, I now only ever refer to you as "the despicable cunt", and I truly wish I had stronger words to describe you.

- you're starting to bug me, and I feel guilty about it somehow.

- I could hug you for days. :) also, you're brilliant, and witty, and I'd spend wayyy more time with you if I could.

- I'm grateful and happy that you're in my life. I felt like I knew you for years the first time we met, and that's awesome.

- falling out of love with you was awesome. now you can pull all your weird crap that I always forgave due to your POETIC, THENTHITIVE SOUL, and I don't give a fuck.

- I think about kissing you. a lot. often.

- I'm always super glad that you're my friend and we ended up as close as we are. you're a stellar individual, and so is your other half.

you know, the amount of do-overs I could use in my life is staggering. hahahaha!

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