Tuesday, July 27, 2010

content warning

it's not likely I'll ever post porn (in fact, unless it's hilarious, I won't bother, and if I did it would come withe a NSFW warning). but I have a terrible propensity for swearing, especially if I'm irritated, and I like to write when I'm irritated. thus, the content warning. which I'm thinking of giving the axe.

hope that doesn't disappoint anyone. heh.

speaking of swearing, I saw the awesome and hilarious doug stanhope this weekend, and laughed my face into total soreness. there were so many good bits that I couldn't even commit them to memory.

apparently his shows are a crapshoot though, the last time he was in town, he got WASTED before he went on, and a good friend of mine described the show as being "like watching someone completely self-destruct on stage". luckily, our show was stellar. he killed.


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