Tuesday, July 20, 2010

unexpected awesomeness: the coup


I'd heard the coup before (not live) and quite liked a few of their songs, but wouldn't say they were one of my favourite bands of their genre (hip hop, if you didn't know). boots riley, mighty frontman, had opened for tom morello and we caught him a couple of times. his acoustic versions of coup songs were soooo good, and the street sweeper social club stuff is great as well.

then I saw the coup live.

as a live act, they lean way more heavily to the funk side of things, with a bit of rock even thrown in. boots riley is an absolutely solid performer, female vocalist silk-e is amazing, and the rest of the band, especially the bassist, were incredible. they were engaging, fun, intense, and totally impressed me. absolutely impossible to stand still watching them. even songs that I didn't care for on disc sounded amazing. and the crowd was completely digging them, myself included!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. if you like funk music at all, jump at the chance to see the coup!


  1. Oh my god I'm jealous. I love the Coup. I would do anything to see them. Did they play Laugh/Love/Fuck?

  2. YES. it's so much better live! not as good as when boots did it solo and acoustic with tom morello's guitarist, but still amazing!