Thursday, July 1, 2010

now what?

firstly, happy canada day! canada, how I love you.

now then.

last night I went to see a band I haven't seen (or really liked) since I was maybe 21 or so (far too many moons ago indeed). econoline crush. the vancouver music scene was booming in the 90s, and these dudes were all over it. seriously...I ran into the singer so often at so many different shows that he knew me by name. which was pointless, really.


so we saw them last night at venue, which I like more than 95% of the chachi douchey hellhole bars in the area. they came out and...well, it's just not the same. the crowd dug it, the singer was into it, etc, but...time passes, and some people get strange botox. I'm just saying.

what I don't remember from their earlier performances, when they were a bit more of an industrial act, was the faces the singer made. my bff summed it up succinctly by saying it was "weird and hard to watch". no argument here. he would stick his (rather long) tongue out and wave it about lasciviously. GROSS. and odd pelvic thrusts at odd times. it was the more socially acceptable version of himself being up there with his dick and one ball hanging out of his pants. that might have been easier to ignore and not be offended by, actually. but STILL...gah! it was distracting.

that said, they sounded alright. we didn't pay to get in, otherwise I'd have been home trying to sleep off my insanely sore neck (which didn't work once I finally got to bed).

next post: why getting old SUCKS.

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