Monday, July 12, 2010

unexpected disappointment: steel panther

I hate to say it.

let me preface this by saying I'd seen them 4 times already, and was totally impressed (obviously, since I kept going back). they are an awesome live band/comedy act, and usually a good time is had by all.

not this past time.

they played at the mighty commodore ballroom, fantastic venue. so that is always a plus.

my problems with the show:

1. songs - they played my two least favourite songs (eyes of a panther, and stripper girl). they also didn't play girl from oklahoma, which is a fricking awesome song and always goes over well.
they also played don't stop believing, and while the mid-20s set lost their fucking minds, I was annoyed. JOURNEY IS NOT METAL. that age range loves them because they're too young to remember what a lame douchebag steve perry was.

2. banter - they recycle jokes here and there, sure, but usually there's more off the cuff hilarity, mostly courtesy of satchel. it was lacking a bit this night.

3. girls - having them up on stage for a song or two is fine. but for most of the show? blocking our view of the band with their lame dancing? fuuuuck. like, we did not pay $36 to see your thoroughly mediocre asses up there, flailing about like a bunch of assholes. get. off. the. stage. they didn't even all show their boobs. not that I care personally, but that's typically why they get girls up there. I really hope they kick them all off sooner next time.

4. the crowd: generally, steel panther shows are happy places to be. not this time. we were in a pocket of the cuntiest people of all time. totally entitled, annoying, bitchy chicks from pillar to post in our section (except us of course, because we're like...SOOOOO great, hah). anyway, it was really annoying, and definitely took the shine off of being there at all.

5. cameras: there were huge cameras in front, impeding the view almost as much as the trampy idiots on stage.

I HATE giving them a bad review, but this was just not a good night. everyone is entitled to an off night, I guess. I'm still going to see them twice more this summer. I just hope it's better than this one.

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