Thursday, April 7, 2011

oh thursday

thanks to being sick, I haven't worked at all this week (in fact, not in the past two weeks either thanks to spring breaaaaaaaak), so I feel like it's monday. when it hit me, a couple of hours after waking up, that it was actually thursday, it was surreal. so yes, it's thursday. after this week, I have two consecutive fridays off. I wish I'd just get paid for being entertaining on social media sites instead of like...having to go to work and pretend to be a contributing member of society.


so I've been thinking about this lately: every female I've ever known who has a high, somewhat protruding forehead (aka a fivehead at best) is Fucking Crazy. seriously. fine people to be friends with, but turn into demanding, controlling, weird bitches in relationships or dating situations (not immediately though). acting that way to the dudes they're with, that is. am I alone here? there's such a thing as face reading, and apparently certain physical characteristics are flags for personality characteristcs. that's just been my observation with the foreheads. it's shockingly consistent.

also, speaking of which, I'm SOOOO tired of otherwise perfectly nice, sane dudes saying they don't want drama, etc, staying with crazy bitches. what is WRONG with you guys? at least don't lie about not wanting drama, because clearly you do if you're staying with someone you have to lie to to keep the peace.

so yeah...thoughts?

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